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CompuQuilter - CQP
IntellliQuilter - IQP
Innova AutoPilot - PAT
PC Quilter - TXT
HQ ProStitcher - HQF
QBot - PLT
Sidesaddle - SSD
Statler CS - QLI
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HOL-081 Poinsettia Block

12" x 12"


HOL-082 Festive Swirl

2" x 4.7" E2E
2" x 2 Block

Use either edge to edge or as a border

Price $10.00

HOL-083 Holly Triangle

8.5" x 8.5" Triangle

Price $10.00

HOL-084 Christmas Branch

6.1" x 7.8" E2E

Price $10.00

HOL-085 Christmas Block

6.1" x 6.1" Block

Price $10.00

HOL-087 Christmas Quilt

36" x 36"

Combo price $40.00

Pattern consists of complete rows with corners attached where appropriate. It was stitched out in three colors (red, gold, and green) by Mona Beck for a ProStitcher demo at Cozy Quilt Shop.
Except for the Christmas Branch border, the designs used are the same as the ones shown above, but height may be different and they are already combined in full rows.
The Christmas Branch border is different, but is still a full row.
The Poinsettia block (largest design) is 12" high.

HOL-091 Spider Meander 

HOL-091 Spider Meander

A not too spooky Halloween design

10" x 7.6" E2E

Price $9.00

HOL-090 Pumpkin Meander quilting design 

HOL-090 Pumpkin Meander

10" x 8"

Price $9.00

HOL-092 Boo quilting design

HOL-092 Boo

10" x 13.8" E2E

Price $9.00

HOL-093 Pumpkin Fest quilting design

HOL-093 Pumpkin Fest

10" x 14" E2E

 price $9.00

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