Download Instructions

All designs, both quilting and embroidery, are available for download. It is important that you keep your browser open after completing your PayPal transaction so as not to miss the download link. Some cell phones seem to cut off the message with the link. Please order from a computer if at all possible.

Step by step instructions on downloading and unzipping are listed below.

 Quilting Formats

All available formats listed for each design are bundled in one zip file.


Embroidery Formats

Sizes are listed with each design.

Cutting files of the Silhouette Cameo and other similar cutters

Formats for the Silhouette Cameo include Studio3 and PDF.
WMF and Studio files are available upon request if they are not included. Several Embroidery software programs can open or insert WMF and PDF files, so if you like to digitize your own you might give that a try.

Special Designs

Special requests are always welcome. Please include as many details as possible, such as: format, edge to edge, block, border, size, and how soon you need it. If there is a design you like and it does not include your format, please send me an email at and I may be able to provide it.


You can alter my patterns to suit your own quilts or those you quilt for your customers. You cannot share, or sell my patterns, either as is or in modified form.  If you intend to mass produce and sell quilts and other items with my designs (Internet, fairs, E-Bay, shops, Etsy, etc)  you will need express permission to do so if you use my patterns. Please respect the copyright of all designers. 


You might find your answer in the FAQ page.  If you don't find it there, please email me at


After you place an order, you will see a form similar to the one below. Don’t close your browser. Wait till you are redirected.

Once redirected you will see the form below with the download link.


Click on the download link. When the "File Download" box appears click on Save. Take note of the name of the zip file.


In the "Save As" box that appears next, navigate to the folder where you want to save your file. If you forget to do this and can't find your file you can do a search (or find) on your computer for the zip file (the one that is circled above).

If you ordered more than one pattern, they are all packaged in this one file.

Extracting the files depends on the type of system your are using, but in most cases double clicking the zip file will do the trick. If not, you might try right clicking and choosing "open with" and then choose either Internet Explorer or WinZip.

Select your format and transfer that to your quilting system.

I recommend you save the zip file to your main computer so you will have all the formats in case you ever change systems.


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