Free Motion Quilting - E-Book
This is for my quilting friends who do not use digitized designs, but like Free Motion quilting instead. The packet consists of 26 pages including front and back cover. The designs can be used on a home sewing machine or on a frame without a computer. They start out simple and then become a bit more complex without being overly difficult.

The pages are loose, not bound, so you can easily enlarge or reduce the designs on a copy machine, if you wish to do so. You can even make enough copies of a design to tape them together to make a paper pantograph. If you use a home sewing machine you can also trace the designs on tracing paper that can be attached to a quilt. Then stitch right through the tracing paper and easily remove the paper when you are done.

The designs are copyright protected and may not be shared, sold, or distributed in any way. Nor may they be digitized. Copying is only allowed for personal use.

 Free Motion Quilting - E-Book   Free Motion Quilting

Front and Back Cover

E-Book available for download in PDF format through PayPal

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File needs to be unzipped after download.
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