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If you have a computerized longarm, you've come to the right place. You can choose from lots of simple to advanced and small to large designs. Plus, I love special request as long as they are mainstream designs that have a good chance of appealing to other longarmers.

To take advantage of automatic download, do NOT order from a cell phone. You must be connectd to a browser as that is where the download link will appear. If you don't see the download link, email me and I'll email the designs to you.

CompuQuilter - CQP
Autocad - DXF
ABM Innova - PAT
Bernina QMatic - BQM
HQ ProStitcher - HQF
Intelliquiter -IQP
PC Quilter - TXT
Quilt EZ - QCC
SideSadle - SSD
Statler CS - QLI
Either a WMF or PDF for your files.
BQM, QCC, and DXF available upon request if not included.

All formats are bundled in one zip file. Newer formats are added to newer designs as they become available. If not included, they are available upon request.

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Highlights from the past.

They are discounted for a short period of time until replaced by new designs.  

SCF-211 Hidden Treasures quilting designs

SCF-211 Hidden Treasures

12 designs
From top to bottom:

7.25" x 7.25" corner 1
7.25" x 16.5" border 1 (or E2E)

8.25" x 8.25" corner 2
8.25" x 16" border2 (or E2E)

16" x 16" center block

8" x 8" quarter center block

12" x 12" Block 1

12" x 12" Block 2

12" x 12 " Block 3

10" x 19.4" double triangle

6" x 12.4" triangle

6" x 12.5" line triangle

regular price $30.00

Discounted price: $30.00
for a limited time

All the designs can be used separately or combined in various ways, however you please, but below is an example how the two borders/corners and the center designs can be combined into a whole cloth quilt.
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